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Lightroom is a massive program that can do many different things. This tutorial dives into exactly what you need to know to create epic landscape and nature photos using Lightroom. From storing photos, to basic adjustments and masking tools, this masterclass will teach you everything you need to know in Lightroom as a landscape photographer.

this course will give you the ability to edit your photos like this...


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You're new to Lightroom and want to learn everything you need to know to edit stunning, realistic looking landscape photos.

You use plugins or presets to achieve a desired look, and want to be able to create amazing photos without using these presets.

You spend too much time trying to figure out Lightroom, and want to spend more time actually editing your photos with great results.

You don't have the time to spend weeks learning the software. You want a quick and easy course that covers just what you need to know in Lightroom, in a quick-hitting video course.

You want quick results and the path to creating amazing photos, right now.

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Videos in this course

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Introduction (3:24)

Welcome to the course! In this video, we'll set the stage and talk about what you can plan on learning.

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The Workspace (14:20)

In this video, you'll learn exactly how Lightroom is laid out. You'll get to see exactly where you'll store photos, find edits, and more. Austin talks about some best practices for keeping your catalog organized so that you can always easily locate your photos.

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Importing Photos (5:04)

Importing your photos into Lightroom is the very first step of using the program. You'll learn how to import your photos the correct way, which will not only put the photos into your Lightroom catalog, but also organize them on your hard drive or computer.

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Basic Adjustments (13:41)

The whole foundation of editing in Lightroom lies on basic adjustments and sliders. In this video, you'll learn how to sharpen your photos at the start of your edit, as well as how to adjust basic sliders and use the tone curve. These are the adjustments that you'll edit every single photo with.

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Color (11:18)

Landscape photographers love color. In this video, we'll talk about all of the tools Lightroom has to offer when adjusting the color in our scenes. We'll start by learning how to adjust the color of the scene as a whole, and then dive into learning how to adjust individual colors by adjusting the hue, or increasing the saturation or luminance.

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Local Adjustments (18:05)

Now that you have an understanding of global adjustments from all of the earlier videos, we'll jump into local adjustments. These tools allow us to make very specific, targeted adjustments to specific parts of the photo. These are the adjustments that will really help you bring your photography to the next level.

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More Useful Tools (9:54)

This video will teach you a few more useful tools that haven't been touched on yet. These tools include spot healing, crop, and vignette. While you may not use these on every photo, they are certainly tools you need to know how to use for the occasions where you need to fix something on your photos.

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Exporting Photos (6:55)

Now that you've edited your photo, what are you going to do with it? Whether you're hoping to print your photo, post it on Instagram, or send it to your spouse, you'll need to learn how to export each photo. In this video, you'll learn the best settings for exporting your photos, as well as how to save a preset to export your photos next time.

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Before and After (19:09)

Watch as Austin puts together all of the pieces and does a full walkthrough edit on this image. You'll get to see everything you just learned in action on a real life photo edit.

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Conclusion (2:23)

Thanks for watching the course! In this video, Austin gives a few final thoughts and a final farewell.

What if I've never edited my photos before?

Even if you're brand new to photo editing, these tutorials are PERFECT for you. Some of the tutorials start off at a very basic level where no prior knowledge is needed. You can watch these courses before starting to digest some of the more advanced courses also offered in this bundle.

How long is this course?

The total run time for the course is 1 hour and 41 minutes and 50 seconds, broken down into 10 different videos.

I'm afraid these courses won't work for me?

These courses are designed to help even the most novice of photographers, while also containing lots of information useful for intermediate photo editors. However, if the course doesn't work for you, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days. If the course doesn't work for you, simply send an email asking for a refund and you will receive your investment back.

I just purchased a camera and need to learn to edit, is this the right course for me?

Yes! This is the perfect course to begin to learn how to edit your landscape photography. You'll learn exactly what you need to know to create amazing edits.

What happens once I pay for the course?

You'll be emailed a link to download the course instantly. The download link will last for two days before expiring.



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