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How to Edit Your Milky Way Photos in PHotoshop.

Editing Milky Way photos may seem like a huge task with so many tools at your disposal, and so many adjustments that need to be made. In this tutorial, you'll learn all the tips and tricks that pro photographers are using to edit their Milky Way images.

this course will give you the ability to edit your photos like this...


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You've been shooting Milky Way photos and aren't sure how to edit them.

You're a Milky Way photographer editing in Lightroom and want to take your photo edits to the next level.

You've been editing in Photoshop, but you want to add a few more tricks and tools to your skillset.

You feel stuck in your edits.

You have a basic understanding of Photoshop but want to learn more.

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Videos in this course

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How to Stack Your Milky Way Images (15:32)

The first step to any great Milky Way edit is to stack your photos. In this video, you'll learn how to stack Milky Way photos in Starry Landscape Stacker to reduce noise on your base image.

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Full Walkthrough (1:30:53)

This video will show you all of the tips and tricks used to create amazing Milky Way edits in Photoshop. From warping, to mirroring a reflection, to dodging and burning, you'll really learn everything you need to know to create amazing Milky Way photos.

What if I haven't used Photoshop before?

This course will walk you through how to use all the features in Photoshop that you'll need to know.

How long is this course?

The total run time for the course is roughly 1 hour and 46 minutes, broken down into 2 different videos.

I'm afraid these courses won't work for me?

These courses are designed to help even the most novice of photographers, while also containing lots of information useful for intermediate photo editors. However, if the course doesn't work for you, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days. If the course doesn't work for you, simply send an email asking for a refund and you will receive your investment back.

What happens once I pay for the course?

You'll be emailed a link to download the course instantly. The download link will last for two days before expiring.



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